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South African Culture – Tribes of South Africa – Shangaan Tribe

Shangaan Tribe The Shangaan tribe was formed when Shaka the Zulu King decided to conquer the Tsonga tribe and he sent out his warriors led by Soshangane to do this. But Soshangane chose instead to set up a new tribe when he came upon some communities of peaceful people spread […]

children of the Shangaan tribe

South African Tribes – Chiefs of the Zulu Nation – Dingaan

Dingaan (Dingane) was born in 1795, half brother of Shaka. He became King of the Zulu tribe in 1828 after successfully assassinating Shaka who was King at the time. There was a lot of rivalry within the tribe with many not being happy with the assasination of Shaka. Dingaan claimed […]

Tribes of South Africa – Zulu Chiefs – Shaka

Shaka (Chaka) was born towards the end of the 18th century in what is now KwaZulu-Natal. His mother, Nandi, was the daughter of a past chief of the Elangeni tribe and his father Senzangakona was the chief of the very small Zulu tribe. Nandi was barely tolerated by the Zulu […]

Touring South Africa – South African Cultural Sites – Lesedi Cultural Village

Situated within easy reach of both Johannesburg and Pretoria  is the Lesedi Cultural Village where visitors will be welcomed with African warmth by music and song and enjoy finding out about the traditional cultures of  the Pedi, Zulu, Xhosa, Basotho and Ndebele tribes of South Africa. In 1993 Lesedi, the […]

South African Tribes -South Africa Culture – Swazi Tribe

A look at the Swazi tribe of Southern Africa, their origins and Swazi culture. Where to go to visit a typical Swazi Cultural Village in South Africa.

Warriors from the Ndebele tribe

Culture of South Africa – South African tribes – Ndebele tribe

The culture of the Ndebele tribe of South Africa, believed to be an offshoot of the Zulu tribe from Kwazulu Natal, but who mostly reside in the Mpumulanga (Transvaal) area.

Indigenous people of South Africa – South African tribes – The Nama and San people

The Nama and San (Bushman) tribes are the original indigenous tribes of Southern Africa. A look at their origins, characteristics and where they live in South Africa today.

San tribe of Southern Africa

South Africa Tribes – South African Culture – Lemba Tribe

The Lemba tribe of South Africa. Where they originate and what their traits are. The Lemba tribe claim to be one of the lost tribes of ancient Israel.

Tribes of Africa – South African Culture – Sotho Tribe

The Sotho tribes of South Africa and Lesotho. The Southern Sotho (Basutu), the Pedi (Northern Sotho) and the Tswana all originating from other tribes in Southern Africa

Chief Moeshesh of the Basotho tribe

Tribes of South Africa – South African Culture – Venda Tribe

The Venda African Tribe mostly situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Originating from the Great Lakes of Central Africa. Venda tribal culture and practices.

African Tribes – South African Tribes -South Africa Culture

A list of all the African Tribes in South Africa with a brief explanation on each of them.

Xhosa wonen dancing

South African Culture – Tribes of South Africa – Xhosa Nation

The Xhosa tribe of South Africa. Xhosa tribe culture and language. Some of the more well-known South African Xhosa’s.

South African Tribes – Culture of South Africa – Zulu Tribe

Basic history of The Zulu nation of Southern Africa. Zulu tribe of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The rein of Chaka and Dingaan, Zulu chiefs.

Zulu men