Famous South Africans and History

Famous South Africans – South African Actors – Charlize Theron

Famous South African – Charlize Theron A well known famous  South African  is Charlize Theron a renowned award winning actress as well as a former model who was born on the 7th August 1975 in Benoni which is located along the East Rand of what was then the Transvaal Province […]

paul Kruger

South Africa History – Famous South Africans– Paul Kruger

Paul Kruger (Stephanus Johannes Paulus) was the last President of the South African Republic and regarded by many as the greatest figure produced by Afrikanerdom. He came from a family of German immigrants. Born in the Eastern Cape in 1825, it is believed that he was born on the farm […]

Heroes of South Africa – South African History – Dick King

Richard “Dick” Phillip King is a name that is memorable in South African history. One of 13 children he was born in Chatham England on the 28th November 1813 and together with his parents came to South Africa as part of the 1820 settlers program.  The family first settled in […]

Dick King statue in East London South Africa

South African Financiers – Famous People Of South Africa – Sir George Albu

Sir George Albu was a celebrated Mining magnate of German-Jewish descent who was born in Brandenburg, Germany in 1857 and together with his brother Leopold immigrated to South Africa in 1876. After working in Cape Town in a department store for some time, he and his brother moved to the […]

South Africa – Famous Personalities in South African History – Sir Cecil John Rhodes

One of the foremost personalities in South African history was the statesman and empire builder Sir Cecil John Rhodes. Rhodes was born in England on July 5th 1853 in the town of Bishop’s Stortford. At the age of 17 he was sent to Natal after he had been ill with […]

Cecil John Rhodes' funeral procession in Cape Town South africa on 3 April 1902

South African Diamond Industry – Diamonds in South Africa – Ernest Oppenheimer

Sir Ernest Oppenheimer was a South African mining and industrial magnate.  He was born in the 1880 at Friedberg in Hesse, Germany and arrived in London when he was only a young man, to join his older brother Louis at the firm of Anton Dunkelsbuhler who was a relative. Dunkelsbuhler […]

South African History – Gold in South Africa – The Witwatersrand

The Witwatersrand is a word in Afrikaans which means “The Ridge of white waters”. It is a range of hills in the Gauteng province South Africa that contains most of the worlds gold reserves.  These rich gold bearing reefs stretch from 40 miles east of Johannesburg to 90 miles west […]

Winnie Mandela South Africa

South Africa – South African Apartheid Activists – Winnie Mandela

Winnie Mandela was born Nomzamo Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela in Bizana, Transkei (now part of the Eastern Cape Province) on the 26th September 1936. She had seven siblings and her mother was a home economics teacher employed at a local school. She has led a remarkable life, loved by many who […]

South Africa – A look at South African History

History of South Africa The recorded history of South Africa only goes back from the time of the Explorers Vasco Da Gama and Bartholomew Diaz in the 15th century, and the eventual establishment of a trading station at the Cape of Good Hope when the Dutch East India Company sent […]

South Africa Cape of Good Hope

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Famous South Africans – Apartheid in South Africa – Desmond Tutu

Born in Klerksdorp in the Transvaal Province in 1931 Desmond Tutu was an only son with two sisters. His Mother worked as a cleaner and although Desmond dreamed of becoming a physician, his family could not afford the cost for him to train so he chose to become a teacher […]

Battles of South Africa – South African History – The Boer War

The Boer War is also known by many other names. It has been called the Second Boer War, or the Anglo Boer War or even the South African War. The first Boer War was a somewhat short conflict that came about when the Dutch settlers of the Transvaal rebelled against […]

South African History – Famous South Africans – Dr Christiaan Barnard

Christiaan Neethling Barnard was born in Beaufort West, Cape Province of South Africa on the 8th November 1922. He was destined to become a doctor who would become world famous as a result of performing the world’s first heart transplant. The son of a Dutch Reformed Church Minister and one […]

Famous South Africans in History -Leaders of South Africa – Jan Christiaan Smuts

Jan Christiaan Smuts can undoubtedly be listed as one of South Africa’s greatest sons. He was born in Bovenplaats in the Western Cape Province (then the Cape Colony) on the 24th May 1870.  He was home schooled by his mother and only started formal schooling at the age of 12 […]

Jan Smuts together with his deputy Jan Hofmeyer