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South African Industry – Natural Resources of South Africa – Sugar Industry

  Sugar Industry in South Africa As early as 1672 efforts were made to grow sugarcane at the Cape of Good Hope which ended in failure and it was only at the start of colonization in Natal that the sugar industry and the  growing of sugar cane proved to be […]

South African Agriculture

South Africa Economy – South African Natural resources

South Africa has a number of natural resources besides the well known ones like gold and diamonds. Here you can find out exactly what the country grows

South Africa – South African Natural Resources – Mining

General facts about the South African mining industry. Natural resources that are mined in South Africa and exported, making it one of the leading nations in the world and the most thriving country in Africa.

South African Mining

Cullinan Diamond in the Rough

South Africa – South African Natural Resources – Diamonds

Where diamonds are found in South Africa and the establishment of the South African Diamond Industry.The largest diamond ever found and what it was used for. How the value of diamonds is measured.

South Africa – South African Natural Resources – Gold

Facts about the gold mining industry in South Africa and all its different uses today. Historical information on the discovery of gold in South Africa, who discovered gold and why it is so expensive to mine gold in South Africa today.

South African Krugerrand