Neigbouring Countries

Countries that border South Africa

Zimbabwe – Southern Africa

Zimbabwe, one of Southern Africa’s most beautiful countries, borders South Africa in the North. This landlocked country has derived its name from a long past capital called “Great Zimbabwe”. The ancient stone structures that remain are the largest in Africa with the exception of the Egyptian Pyramids. History of Zimbabwe […]

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Beach in Mozambique

Mozambique – Southern Africa

Mozambique is situated on the Indian Ocean coast of Southern Africa and borders South Africa in the South.  About Mozambique Originally a Portuguese colony Mozambique gained independence in 1975 and became officially the Peoples Republic of Mozambique. The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese.     Today Mozambique is an […]

Botswana – Southern Africa

The Republic of Botswana Botswana was originally known as the British Protectorate of Bechuanaland until 1966 when it gained independence and since then it has regularly held free democratic elections. Botswana is a landlocked country bordered by South Africa in the South and Southeast, by Namibia in the West and […]


Namibia national Parks

Southern Africa – Namibia – South West Africa

  Namibia – Country Bordering South Africa to the North and West of the Northern Cape Province The Southern African country of Namibia (formerly South West Africa) borders South Africa in the South and East, Angola and Zambia in the North, Botswana to the East and has the Atlantic Ocean […]