This site is about the beautiful country of South Africa. I was born in South Africa and grew up there until the age of 15. The culture of the people of South Africa is unique and even after not having lived there for 30 years; it is still very much a part of me and my daily life. The food, the wonderful people, the music and the places are as much a part of who I am today as they were when I was growing up.

One of the aims of this site is to give some ideas to tourists who wish to travel to  South Africa and are not sure which places to visit and what to see while there. There are so many beautiful places in this vast country that you would need months in order to see everything. For more detailed information on all the National Parks of South Africa go to the SANParks website.



There are also sections about the culture, food and sport of the Country and we will be adding recipes for those who want to get a small taste of South Africa for themselves. The natural resources and history of South Africa are also fascinating and can be found in this site as well. Sport is very important to the people of South Africa and there is information in the site on the main sports played there.

Everyone should experience, at least once,the wonder, beauty and magic of South Africa. In this site you will get an idea of everything this country has to offer.


Special Thanks to MediaClubSouthAfrica.com for allowing me to use images from their website.