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The Provinces of South Africa

Image Mart Bouter

South Africa today is divided into 9 provinces:

* The Eastern Cape
* The Northern Cape
* The Western Cape   which includes Cape Town and surrounding areas
* The Free State
* Gauteng – which includes Pretoria, Johannesburg, Soweto and surrounding areas
* KwaZulu-Natal
* Limpopo
* Mpumalanga – including  Kruger National Park,Nelspruit, Blyde River Canyon
* North West


The country used to be divided into 4 provinces: Natal, Transvaal, Cape and The Free State. To help make your search in this site simpler when mapping out your vacation, the tourist sites are divided into the 4 old provinces:
Transvaal which includes:  Gauteng; Limpopo;  Mpumalanga and North West
The Cape which includes:  The Eastern Cape; The Northern Cape; The Western Cape
Natal which is now called Kwazulu Natal
The Free State commonly known as The Orange free State
South Africa is a place of beauty and adventure with places to see, things to do and never to be forgotten wonders to experience.