Desserts, Cakes and Pastries

Some of South Africa’s favourite cakes, deserts and pastries

South African deserts

South African deserts –  South Africans love their desserts and boast many unique and tasty after-dinner specialities.   Whether people gather for a large family lunch, a braai with friends or even just need something sweet to nibble on, our sweets and desserts form a significant part of our heritage and […]

melktert desert - photo: Owen Robinson

South African Recipes – Sweet Dishes – Poffertjies

Recipe: Poffertjies Summary: Originating in Holland, these traditional Dutch treats are similar to pancakes but are much fluffier. They can be served with any sweet topping. Ingredients !/2 cup milk or water 4 ounces butter 1 ½ cups flour 3 eggs Oil Castor sugar Instructions Boil milk or water and […]

Food In South Africa – South African Recipes – Koeksisters

Recipe: Koeksisters A very sweet and sticky South African pastry that was originally introduced in South Africa by the  Cape Malay slaves. It is very similar to a doughnut but coated in syrup and is twisted to look like a braid. Ingredients 1/2 cake of yeast ½ cup water 1 […]

South Africa Food – South African deserts – Melktert

Recipe: Melktert Ingredients 1 pint milk 1 cinnamon stick 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons butter Pinch salt 4 tablespoons flour Little cold milk 2 eggs ½ lb short or flaky pastry Cinnamon sugar Instructions Bring milk, cinnamon stick, sugar, butter and salt to the boil. Remove cinnamon stick. Blend flour […]